Formula 1 World Championship

Australian Grand Prix

Created in 1928, the Australian F1 Grand Prix is part of the world championship since 1985. It was originally disputed on the Adelaide circuit, and since 1996 it takes place on the semi-urban circuit of Albert Park in Melbourne, which brings it closer to some circuits such as the Monaco Grand Prix.

This change did not sit well with some environmental groups who saw a dim view of using this public park for motor racing.

Bernie Ecclestone wanted to turn it into a night race to allow Europe to watch it in direct. A compromise was reached and since 2008, The Australian Grand Prix starts at 17 pm local time. It could stay in the calendar of F1 World Championship.

Albert Park Circuit

Since 1996, the Australian Grand Prix takes place on the semi-urban circuit of Albert Park which is located about 3 kilometers south of Melbourne.

It causes inconvenience to many residents with the installation of grandstands and safety barriers almost three months before the race.

The Grand Prix is made of 58 laps of 5.303 km that make a total distance of 307,574 km.


Number of laps : 58
Circuit length : 5.303 km
Race distance : 307.574 km


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