Formula 1 World Championship™

Formula 1 World Championship™ was created in 1950 with at first a ranking of the pilots then completed by a ranking of constructors in 1958.

The calendar of the Formula 1 Championship™ season runs from spring to fall and takes place over several continents. 

Formula 1 Grand Prix™ are cars races that usually compete on permanent closed circuits but may take place in the city as is the case for the Monaco Grand Prix.

Formula 1™ or F1™, is considered the premier class of motorsport. It is the technology showcase of the industry who is experimenting new techniques, sometimes from space technology, that could be adapted on our cars.

Besides the competition, the term refers to all Formula 1™ technical regulations for cars which are updated every year by the FIA??. These rules are very strict on the size of cars, engine capacity, the technologies used, they also define the security measures to protect pilots. The race cars that meet the requirements of the regulations of Formula 1 are generally referred to under the generic term of Formula 1™.

On our site you will find the useful information to attend these races: Ticket in grandstands, VIP places, hotels and other services. From Melbourne to Shanghai or Interlagos to Monza, choose where you can vibrate to the sound of the engines of cars.

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