Abu Dhabi Grand Prix

Abu Dhabi Grand Prix After the Formula 1 Festival in 2007 in Abu Dhabi announced the creation of a grand prix for 2009. The inaugural of the Abu Dhabi Grand Prix took place in November 2009 and is part of the the Formula 1 World Championship calendar since that date and until 2016 at least. […]

Saudi Arabian Grand Prix

Saudi Arabian Grand Prix The Saudi Arabian Grand Prix is a Formula One motor race that will have its first race in 2021. The inaugural edition of the race will be held in Jeddah. The race is set to be the second full night race on the Formula One calendar, following the Singapore Grand Prix. […]

Australian Grand Prix

Australian Grand Prix Created in 1928, the Australian F1 Grand Prix is part of the world championship since 1985. It was originally disputed on the Adelaide circuit, and since 1996 it takes place on the semi-urban circuit of Albert Park in Melbourne, which brings it closer to some circuits such as the Monaco Grand Prix. This […]

Brasil Grand Prix

Brazil Grand Prix The Brazilian Grand Prix was created in 1972 but is part of the Formula 1 World Championship calendar since the following year. Since that it was present in the schedule without interruption. All the races took place on two different circuits: Interlagos and Jacarepagua, with the choice of Interlagos since 1990. The […]

Mexican Grand Prix

Mexico Grand Prix 23 years after the last edition, won by Nigel Mansell, the Grand Prix of Mexico is back in the calendar of the World Championship of Formula 1. Mexico appeared in the original schedule of 2014, but the International Automobile Federation had withdrawn the race because the time to do the renovation work […]

United States Grand Prix

United States Grand Prix The first Grand Prix of the United States occurred in 1908. He joined the Formula 1 World Championship  in 1959 on the Sebring International circuit. The next year it is disputed on the circuit of Riverside. This Grand Prix is run uninterrupted until 1975 on the circuit of Watkins Glen and […]

Japan Grand Prix

Japanese Grand Prix The Formula 1 Grand Prix of Japan is one of the events of the World Championship since 1976. The first two events were held on the Fuji Speedway, but during the second an accident between Gilles Villeneuve and Ronnie Peterson killed two people behind safety barriers. The next ten years the Japanese […]

Singapore Grand Prix

Singapore Grand Prix Singapore is independent only since 1965. The first Singapore Grand Prix was disputed in 1966 and was held on the Thomson Road circuit which received before the Malaysian Grand Prix. The first Formula 1 Grand Prix of Singapore was held in 2008 on the Singapore street circuit. Designed by Hermann Tilke, it […]

Russian Grand Prix

Russian Grand Prix The Russian Grand Prix is an automobile race which, following an agreement signed between Bernie Ecclestone and Vladimir Putin, is included in the 2014 Formula 1 World Championship calendar. It will take place in the city of Sochi, near the Black Sea. In the past, the Russian Grand Prix was run twice, […]

Italian Grand Prix

Italian Grand Prix It was Brescia in 1921 that held the First Grand Prix of Italy. In 1928 this event was marked by the worst accident in the history of Italian races. The pilot Emilio Materassi  lost control of his car at over 200 km/h and crashed into the grandstand. He died along with 23 […]