Formula 1 World Championship

Azerbaijan Grand Prix

The first Formula 1 Grand Prix in Azerbaijan took place in 2016 on the Baku urban circuit under the name of the European Formula 1 Grand Prix. In 2017 it takes for the first time the name of Grand Prix of Azerbaijan.

The first Grand Prix on the Baku circuit was won by Nico Rosberg on June 19, 2016.


Bakou Urban Circuit

The Formula 1 circuit of Baku is an urban circuit like the Monaco Grand Prix. It is located near the Baku Marine Park in Azerbaijan. In 2016 it hosted the European Grand Prix and in 2017 the Grand Prix of Azerbaijan.

The circuit has a length of 6 kilometers, and turns in anti-clockwise direction. It was created as number of other Formula 1 Grand Prix by Hermann Tilke.


Number of laps : 40
Circuit length : 6.003 km
Race distance : 240.120 km


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