Formula 1 World Championship

Canadian Grand Prix

The first Formula 1 Grand Prix of Canada took place in 1967. The first events were disputed on the Mosport Park circuit and Mont-Tremblant circuit (1968 and 1970).

Since 1978 the Grand Prix is held on the Montreal circuit located on the islands of Parc Jean Drapeau. The winner in 1978 was Gilles Villeneuve on Ferrari. The circuit took his name in 1982 when the pilot was killed during practices of the Belgian Grand Prix.

The Canadian Grand Prix was not disputed in 2009 to give way to other destinations and due to financial problems between local promoters and the FIA​​. It was back in 2010 and agreements were signed to view it in Montreal until 2014.

Gilles Villeneuve Circuit

The Circuit Gilles Villeneuve is located on an island in the middle of the St. Laurent. It hosts the annual Grand Prix of Canada.

The circuit, rapid and spectacular, measures  4.361 km and the race is 305.27 km long for 70 laps.

in addition to Formula 1races, the circuit is open to athletes who are biking, roller skating, running or walking.


Number of laps : 70
Circuit length : 4.361 km
Race distance : 305.270 km

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