Formula 1 World Championship

Italian Grand Prix

It was Brescia in 1921 that held the First Grand Prix of Italy.

In 1928 this event was marked by the worst accident in the history of Italian races. The pilot Emilio Materassi  lost control of his car at over 200 km/h and crashed into the grandstand. He died along with 23 spectators.

The Formula 1 Italian Grand Prix exists since the beginning of the World Championship in 1950 and every race except one which was held at Imola took place at Monza.


Monza Circuit

The Autodromo Nazionale di Monza is the headquarter of Scuderia Ferrari fans and is especially the circuit that hosts the Italian Grand Prix Formula 1. It was built in 1922.

It measures 5.793 km and the total distance during a race of 53 laps is 307.029 kilometers.


Number of laps : 53
Circuit length : 5.793 km
Race distance : 307.029 km

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