Formula 1 World Championship

Singapore Grand Prix

Singapore is independent only since 1965. The first Singapore Grand Prix was disputed in 1966 and was held on the Thomson Road circuit which received before the Malaysian Grand Prix.

The first Formula 1 Grand Prix of Singapore was held in 2008 on the Singapore street circuit. Designed by Hermann Tilke, it twists in the heart of the marina but one of the peculiarities of this grand prix is that it is disputed at night for climate reasons, but also to allow the European spectators to watch it.

The first edition of this grand prix was won by Fernando Alonso on Renault.


Singapore urban Circuit

The Urban Circuit in Singapore whose official name is Marina Bay Street Circuit measures 5.073 km with 23 curves.

The race runs for 61 laps for a total distance of 309,453 km


Number of laps : 61
Circuit length : 5.073 km
Race distance : 309.453 km

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